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Press review 2013

aamazit | 30 November, 2013

This page contains the media coverage regarding The Mont-Blanc Meetings (MBM) - International Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs, for 2013. We invite you to use an online translation tool - such as Google Translate for example - to read the articles that are not written in English.

Download the press review of the MBM between March and December 2013

La Prensa Libre [Costa Rica] 29 August 2013

Title : "La Economía Solidaria: un nuevo tipo de desarrollo"

Topic : The Solidarity Economy : a new type of development

We Demain [France] 29 August 2013

Title : "Thierry Jeantet : « Sur l'économie sociale, le gouvernement tient ses promesses. »"

Topic : Interview with Thierry Jeantet, President of the Mont-Blanc Meetings and former special advisor of the French President Hollande during his 2012 electoral campaign

Jornal de Negócios [Portugal] 24 July 2013

Title : "É possível um crescimento para todos"

Topic : Another growth is possible for all

Libération [France] 23 July 2013

Title : L’économie sociale et solidaire enfin prise en comptes

Topic :  The framework law for the social and solidarity economy in France

Les Eco [Morocco] 19 June 2013

Title : Changer de cap grâce à l’économie solidaire !

Topic : Changing the course thanks to the social and solidarity economy!

Le Huffington Post [France] 17 June 2013

Titre :  Appel aux dirigeants du G8 : pour une économie sociale et solidaire

Topic : G8 decisions-makers : change the course with the Social and Solidarity Economy!

Le Devoir [Quebec] 22 May 2013

Title :  Entrevue avec Gérald Larose

Topic : Neoliberal economy should be opposed to a model coming from solidarity

Hérault Tribune [France] 29 April 2013

Title : ”The Social and Solidarity Economy, a response to international challenges” - Thierry JEANTET [France] 28 March 2013

Title : MBM's book release ”The Social and Solidarity Economy, a response to international challenges” [Quebec] 27 March 2013

Title : Les Rencontres du Mont-Blanc après Rio+20 : c’est reparti !

Topic : The Mont-Blanc Meetings after Rio+20 : here we go again !