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The international Project Place

aamazit | 21 May, 2014

Rooted in reality, SSE International Forum is a privileged place to foster cross-border partnerships between social and solidarity economy enterprises.

The « Project Place » invented by the MBM is a fertile ground for innovations, from which initiatives and international projects are emerging, all economically, socially and ecologically responsible.

It is a platform enabling the creation of projects emerging from exchanges and meetings between entrepreneurs of the social and solidarity economy from all over the world, notably through their participation to the MBM. It does not aim at financing projects but facilitating them virtually and physically, before, during and after the Forum. 



1° step : Before the Forums, online
Once you filled in the online registration form, you get an access to the Project Place’s social network integrated into the MBM website, working like a discussion forum. It is reserved to all participants of the Forums and enables you to share your projects through « ID Project Cards » and get in touch with other participants before the event. 

2° step : During the Forums

At the 6° edition of the Mont-Blanc Meetings held in Chamonix, France, from 9 to 11 November, the participants had the opportunity to :

- Pitch a project, i.e. have a few minutes to present your organization or project, in the plenary room;

- Benefit from a "hold-up", that is to say, a creative workshop designed by MakeSense to solve one of the challenges you are facing;

- Take advantage of the presence of the Ambassadors RMB, real "matchmakers" of the SSE, who will be there for you to introduce you to potential partners in other countries and/or in other complementary areas of your activity.


3° step : After the Forums, online again

The social network « Project Place » remains available and accessible to all participants of the Mont-Blanc Meetings.


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